Sketchbooks : 2007 – 2011 – 2013

Here you can order the 3 sketchbooks that Kim Jung Gi has produced so far.

As there is still no real shopping feature on this website, the usual way it works is as bellow :

  1. Have a look around this website and decide which sketchbook(s) you’d like to order.
  2. Calculate the cost of shipping (see the Prices & Shipping section) depending on the number of books and where you live.
  3. Send some money :) . For details on that, please check the Payement section. We accept Paypal (direct or with a Credit Card if you don’t have a Paypal account), bank transfer or French cheques.


2011 et 2007 à plat 1000 pix     3 Sketchbooks

The 2007, 2011 and 2013 sketchbooks


For those who might ask : it existed a very limited edition of the 2011 sketchbook with a plain white cloth binding on which JungGi created an individual drawing for every and each copy, but this one has been sold out for a long time ago… Too bad !!!
And (so far)  there will be no special edition for the 2013 Sketchbook.


Spy Games

Spy Games is the first comic book by Kim Jung Gi and Jean-David Morvan edited by Glénat (see the Spy Games section for more information).

We are selling it on the website as the FRENCH VERSION (the only one up to now), along with an english translation file. I insist on the fact that this is not an pdf with images and english text, but just an english translation.
There probably will be an english version in the future, but it might not happen before the 4 volumes story is complete… (in that cas, expect a few years wait !).

Also, we are selling it ONLY along with a sketchbook. Sorry about that, but otherwise it is too much hassle and way too high shipping costs. For more info, see the Prices & Shipping section.

Couv SpyGames basse def